Smartest IoT, WiFi Digital Door Lock in Singapore

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<a href="">SAMSUNG SHP-DR708</a> SMART IoT, WiFi Digital Door Lock

A Premium model with fingerprint recognition and Smartphone app services

English Version from authorised distributor of Samsung Digital Door Lock. Local use in Singapore with IMDA approval.

<a href="">5 Different Authentications to unlock</a>


<b>Soft Touch Open</b>

Effortless opening with just a gentle push on the handle.

<b>Finger Print</b>

Speedy and accurate access with the optical finger print authentication.

You don’t have to worry about memorizing a password or keeping it undetected.

<b>Unlock with Smartphone from Anywhere</b>

Your smart phone is the door key. Simply and securely unlock the door with your smartphone from anywhere.

<b>Wi-Fi Connectivity</b>

Be alerted on door lock status and remote command anytime and anywhere.

<b>Smart Bell</b>

Receive alerts when visitor touches the smart bell icon (the door bell icon) on the touch pad. Your phone acts as your doorbell.

<b>View Access Logs</b>

Know who is coming home in real-time. Receive alerts when members of your family arrive home. Browse access history logs.

<b>Duration Password</b>

Time worker (the regular visitor) can enter and exit your house only at certain period of time.

By setting duration password, you can check when the worker entered and exited your house.

<b>One Time Password</b>

Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.

<b>Random Security Code</b>

Before entering your password you will be prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits,

making it impossible to guess which numbers you have entered by looking for smudges.

<b>Voice Guide</b>

Spoken feedback to guide users for setup and ongoing use.

<b>Enhanced User Data Security</b>

3 different user data protection technology using White-Box Cryptography, Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer and App Hardening. Important information like access codes and app data is protected by state of the art security technology. If you lose your smartphone, you can erase your access codes easily.

<b>One-touch Anti-theft set-up</b>

Set up the intruder prevention feature with a single touch to burglar-proof your home when your family is away.

During this feature, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign of a burglar attempting to make an escape.

<b>Suspicious movement alert</b>

When the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for prolonged periods of time, the door lock sounds a warning siren to ward off unwanted guests.

<b>Intrusion Alarm</b>

When the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for prolonged periods of time, the door lock sounds a warning siren to ward off unwanted guests.?Attempted forced entry or tampering to bypass the lock will set off alarm immediately.

<b>High Temperature Alarm</b>

High Temperature Alarm When the built-in sensor detects abnormal high-temperature, the alarm will be triggered, and the doorlock will flash to alert the user. The doorlock will be also automatically unlocked to allow fast escape.

* High-temperature detection function is operational at about 70 °C ± 10 °C ; this can vary depending on the installation environment.

<b>Emergency Power Supply</b>

If you fail to replace the batteries before they are fully discharged, you can still open the door with a 9v battery on the emergency battery terminal.

<b>Manual Open</b>

Unlock the manual open button lock and unlock your door from inside.

<b>Silent Mode</b>

If you have a little child or often enter/exit your home late at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone ore the door opening melody for your family or neighbourhood.

<b>Low Battery Alarm</b>

If the batteries are running low, The door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life.