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Most fish feed pellets are extruded pellets. They are produced under high temperature (130~150°C) and high pressure (40~60 atmospheres), which can kill Salmonella and E. coli and prevent fish diseases. Some farmers worry that high temperature will destroy the protein in the feed. The actual effect of feed breeding also proves that extruding does not destroy the crude protein in the feed. The crude protein content of the raw material measured before puffing was 25.9%, and it was 27.17% after puffing. The extruded feed is matured, the starch is gelatinized, and the fish is easy to digest and absorb.

Fish feed containing grains, soybean meal, fish oil and other ingredients is easier to digest, so nutrients are easier to use. Floating feed is made of extruder and has high water stability. The application field is not limited to raw material expansion to improve nutritional value, but expansion can also help reduce pathogenic bacteria, inactivate anti-nutritional factors, modify starch, and increase rumen undegraded protein content .

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