Aquapro RO Drinking Water Purifier System

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Aquapro reverse osmosis 7 stage water purification systems. Extremely good quality

and competitive price to satisfy your marketing strategy. Traditional ro system with double o-ring housing very durable construction and easy replacement of filter cartridges. Various colors, tank sizes and 50 / 75 / 100gpd are available for option. Filmtech. Usa membrane technology ,removes

all salt, bacteria and viruses from normal tap water and give you 100% pure drinking water. So come, join over million happy customers worldwide who've said bye-bye to bottled water. Seven purification stages are............

Stages process:-

1. Sediment filter. Stage

2. Granular activated carbon filter. Stage

3. Carbon block filter. Stage

4. Reverse osmosis membrane (tfc)stage

5. Silver impregnated post carbon filter.

6. Special ceramic mineral filter. Stage

7. Ultra violet sterilizer (uv).

Note:- Installation Free of cost

One year warranty

One year 4 Services Free

One Shower filter free

One Shifting free

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